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Updated : July 21, 2021

General Medicine


Kenji Nishio (Professor)
Kiyomi Yoshimoto(Department Director, Lecturer)
Shiro Ono(Lecturer)
Makiko Miyamoto(Assistant Professor)
Hiromasa Kawashima(Assistant Professor)
Ryo Yoneima(Assistant Professor)
Emiko Tatsumi(Assistant Professor of University Hospital)
Hidetoshi Matsuoka(Assistant Professor of University Hospital)


This department manages the Department of General Medicine and ER, while conducting research and providing education. All medical office members make their best efforts daily to accommodate diverse needs for comprehensive medical services.
We aim to offer medical services to patients, focusing on their sense of sociality and emotions. At the same time, we wish to nurture comprehensive medical specialists to offer such services. We are confident that the nurturing of comprehensive medical specialists with the ability to appropriately address various issues related to medical services, Japan’s aging society, and increasing demands for end-of-life, home, and emergency care, in addition to sufficient self-confidence, motivation, and competence, is useful for both medical service systems in Nara Prefecture and doctors themselves in terms of life-fulfillment and peacefulness.


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